Friday comes...he doesn't call.

so this guy asks me to hang out Tuesday, I tell him I can't and suggest Friday. he says I guess if you wanna be I figure it still means yes. Friday comes...he doesn't call. the NEXT Tuesday at 130 am he calls me like its nothing and I was like umm why are you calling at this time and he said oh I didn't know there was a time I was supposed to call you. so he told me to call him "tomorrow". I don't call him and at 5pm the next day he texts me and apologizes for calling so late because he drank too much. I said did you drink on Friday to? and he says did I drunk dial you then too? and I said maybe you should cut back on the drinking if you don't member we had plans on Friday. and he said I didn't drink that night, why didn't you call or text me? makes sense now you didn't seem to happy last night


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  • Red flag! problems from the start the guy can't even keep a simple first date, doesn't know how to excuse himself and admits to a drinking problem. If you think it's just miscommunication or he maybe he doesn't know how to express himself around you, sometimes men are intimidated by women especially if she seems too straightforward (only if you have a liking for him) give it another shot, but you should be careful.


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  • Yup, dude's 100% playing games to get you jealous or some weird emotion


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  • you're not a priority to him he's playing games