Is it wrong to date a married guy!!

Hey! - well I met this guy in a club. I didn't know he was married then, he started flirting with me and I did the same.After a week I found out that he is married but still I ignored and dated him. Oh well and after few days I found out he has a baby girl ! - lol- I know it sounds stupid, he still calls me at times and I do the same, I think I like him, I don't want to use the word "Love" cause I know it's a big word. I don't know I think about him every time - and well I am not sure if he's really into me or into my body too !

- But he says he likes me and sometimes when he is drunk he introduce me to his friends as his girl friend. What should I do ?


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  • WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!? have some respect for yourself & your self-worth by not seeing a guy who's ALREADY committed to SOMEONE ELSE! if they have issues in their marriage it's up to them to either fix it or part ways but obviously he doesn't like you that much to leave his wife for you, and he;s not enough of a MAN to do the right thing, instead of crossing boundaries & possibly even cheating on his wife. if you continue with things, then he's getting something on the side & probably something at home too. just because you "like" him is no excuse to continue seeing him. there are PLENTY of men out there who are SINGLE, go for them. it may even be that the attraction you have for him is the fact that he's already taken & it's playing on your ego that you're attracting a guy who's already married. get rid of him! seriously you already know it's wrong otherwise you wouldn't be on this site posting your question.


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  • Hey Gal,

    I think at the end of the day is that will you get hurt from the relationship. At times we might get attached to a person emotionally and at the end get hurt.

    So as long as you know that you will not get hurt then you can be friends.

    Hope it helps.


  • Yes its wrong do his wife a favor and let her know he's a dog. Also if he cheats with you on her he's gonna cheat on you too!

  • um.. yea its wrong..

    ok wut if you were married to him and he was dating another chick?how would you feel?

    break it off with him