Am I reading in to this or do I just need to chill? What do I do?

I have been dating a guy for about 3 weeks. We talked occasionally throughout the week. Last week he came to my house for the first time, we "made out". The next day he sent me a message saying that he enjoyed my company, etc. and also that he had to go out of town for the weekend (which he mentioned earlier on our date) and that he wouldn't be back til Monday. He got back Sunday and sent me a message saying that he wanted to let me know he was back early, how was my weekend, and that he was very tired but would "talk to me this week". Monday I got a brief message from him saying hi and he hoped my day went well. Tuesday he replied back to me saying...everything was cool with him, how was I doing and he had a very busy week ahead of him as he had a lot of catching up to do from being on vacation. I sent a short reply back to his response as he has not signed on to the dating site that we usually talk on.

I know it has only been 24 hours since we had any communication (it was a he send me a message, I wasn't online so I sent him one back but he had already signed off), but am I reading into I just need to long do I give this guy assuming that he has already told me twice that this week was going to be a long week (he owns his own business so I can understand where he probably is busy...he would get extremely busy before when he wasn't on vacation). Do I text him today and say something or wait for him to call. I have never had a reason to doubt this guy all along.


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  • I guess by now this is sorted one way or the other?


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