He never called or texted.

Well I met this guy and I thought he was interesting. We talked for a bit and that was it and I let it go. Then I saw him on one of my friends Facebooks and decided to add him over the break, since I never see him around I sent him a message. We talked about random stuff and he mentioned something about inviting me out with some friends and asked for my number.

But he never called or texted. We messaged until school started and then I didn't hear from him until one day he messaged me saying he saw me running and offered to take me running on a lesser known trail he found. So I responded “Sure what’s your number?”...no answer. Two days later saw him at church and he walked right up tapped me on the shoulder and we talked for a while and I had his undivided attention. He mentioned running again, gave me his number, and told me when he was free.

So I asked him about it on one of his supposed free days but he said he was busy. Asked again….busy but this time he suggested hiking with him and some buddies the next morning. So I woke up all excited…. he never showed and I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. But he called me when he woke up and explained what happened and apologized several times, joked with me a bit, and then asked to make sure I was going to be at church this week and said he would look for me there.

But this week came….and he didn’t come over and talk to me. So when I saw him outside I just popped by to say hey. He seemed happy to see me but only said maybe a total of seven sentences to me and then got his sister and said bye.

So basically what on earth is going on? I would think he is interested in me with the whole phone number thing but when I’m interested in someone I don’t blow them off or break plans…..


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  • Sounds like the guy has other stuff going on. He's distancing you from the rest of his life maybe so you can't find out about him. I'd guess he already has a relationship going on with someone and he's trying to hook up with you on the side, but is really not smart about it.


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