He still won't talk to me! What do I do?

There's this guy I was talking to on MSN for a while and he randomly stopped talking to me and so I thought he was mad at me for some reason so I sent him a message saying "hey just wanted to say sorry for whatever I did to get you not to talk to me"... No response. So I decided to give him his space for a while and I just messaged him and he still won't talk to me! What do I do?

It's been almost a week though, not just a few hours.


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  • Maybe he got off the computer? Take a few steps back, take a breath, and give him a realistic amount of time to respond.


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  • Maybe his computer or internet shut down, or he had to suddenly leave with no time to say goodbye. Don't overreact, it probably has nothing to do with you. If you keep bugging him about it, you'll come off as desperate.

    • If it's been nearly a week, he's either been really busy or just doesn't want to talk to you. Sometimes I find it a bit overbearing when someone constantly hassles me to talk to them, so I just ignore them. I was going to suggest sending a quick sorry message in case you offended him somehow (which you've already done), so now that you've done that, just leave it. He'll come round when he's ready. Best wishes. :)