Is she trying to get back together?

My girlfriend and I broke up a week ago because she is going through some rough times with her family and can't keep a boyfriend. I knew it was an excuse for a break-up so I agreed and we broke up. However, during this past week, she has called me non-stop, she wants to hang-out 24/7, and she texts me when ever possible. Its odd because when we WERE going out together - the texting, the calling and the hanging-out never went over the top. I am not sure what her intentions are and I don't want to say anything to her about this because I know she's going through enough problems already. I have stopped replying to her texts and at times I don't answer her calls, but that hasn't helped me by any means.

If I try helping her with her issues - she blocks me out. I am not sure what she wants from me.

My question here is what should I do? Is she trying to get back together? OR is she jut trying to piss me off?


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  • Right now your girlfriend just needs you to be there-to listen. I honestly don't think she means to end your relationship from all what's going on. She's going through a lot that all her emotions have crashed making it too much for her to grasp to see clearly the next steps she needs for herself to get her through this hurdle. If anything feel honored that she goes to you in her moment of darkness and feels safe. That's a sign of trust, and trust is the most strongest virtue in life and the most fragile by causing the most pain. link

    Anyhow, I threw in a link. I know its off topic but its good to learn,and understand for growth.

    When you try to talk to her and she shuts you off, don't feel bad. She doesn't know where to start or begin voicing what's going on inside. Just be there for her, let her feel safe-being with you keeps her calm. Trust me, she needs to be calm to see clearly.

  • She obviously likes you a lot, or else she wouldn't even bother texting you once.

    Maybe at this point in time she needs a good friend more than a boyfriend, which is why she's being more open to you now.

    I think you should confront her and ask her why she's constantly contacting you, maybe if you have a good talk about whatever it is that's causing the problem she'll get over it.

    Of course, she could just be missing you?

    Good luck


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