Would many girls kiss their friends when their boyfriend is right there?

so just one little question...do many girls just kiss there friends, even when there boyfriend is standing there talking to them? and even though she knows he doesn't like when she kiss others. especially on their one year anniversary?

just wondering if any other girls would do that? and why?

she wasn't kissing another guy, she was kissing a girl, and yes on the lips. its happened on more than one occasion with the same friend


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  • Umm.. guys friends? or girls friends?

    • Her girls friends, if it was guys I wouldn't have asked the question instead I would have beat down the guy and walk away from her

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    • Thanks I'll try my best

    • No problem.

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  • I wouldn't kiss another guy if I have a boyfriend. period.

    • What about another girl? cause that's what she was doing, and has done on more than one occasion in front of me. I know they have sleep overs too so I really don't know what to be thinking if they will kiss in front of me what they might do when there alone. and I'm not into lesbian so that wouldn't be something to turn me on, I would see it as cheating if they are up to anything. so what should I do? like how should I talk to her about it?

  • You're not suppose to kiss anyone else when you are going out with someone but them point blank period. Do you mean kiss on the lips? I've seen a guy kiss his friend when he had a girlfriend repeadily on the lips but they were just friends, I don't know if that's like a friendly kiss doe I think it's messed up

    • If your girlfriend does that to you, it's wrong, so you have to sit down and talk to her about it.!

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