7 date with a guy tonight. I'm really nervous about having sex with him?

I’ve seen this guy seven times. We have a lot of fun, he is very sweet and very attentive. He texts almost every day. We have gone as far as he fingering me in our six date (sorry for being so explicit). However, I stopped things because I didn’t felt ready.

This is unlikely of me but i’m freaking out about having sex with him. I don’t know why. I like him and I’m trying to keep my expectations in check. However, due to past experiences, I’m afraid he’ll pull back after sex or ghost.

He is done nothing to make me feel this way. I know he really likes me. For example, if he doesn’t reply for a couple of hours he excuses himself and says what he was doing. Or this week he told me he was busy on Tuesday and Thursday and told me exactly what he was doing.

This is totally my issue! I want to have sex with him, I really do. I think the timing is right and I feel comfortable with him…but I just can’t, I have all these stupid fears…what should I do?

We’re going to the movies tonight and he told me he could cook dinner in his house and I could spend the night if I wanted to. He is definitely expecting sex. I want to be able to spend the night at his and not be afraid. I realize I have to trust the process and that there are not guarantees. However, I’m not not having sex to hold “the cookie” or because I expect an instant relationship. It’s just because I’m afraid.

He says he has talked about me to his friends, that he really likes me and that i’m the best thing that has happened to him recently. He also mentioned that he is not dating anyone else. This was all before things got heated up in date 6…before that, he didn’t even mention sex.

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  • However, due to past experiences, I’m afraid he’ll pull back after sex or ghost.- You having sex has nothing to do with him leaving.

    • When guys leave you after you have sex that is the only thing they ever wanted, so you not giving it to them makes no difference because THERE WILL NEVER be a loving connection. Holding out does nothing because he was going to leave you from the start, since he only wanted on thing really. @asker If he truly wants to stay with you than he would sty with you even if you guys had sex on the first date.

    • that makes sense. thanks

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