Why did he get so nasty when I finally showed him interest?

So, there's this guy I've known through social media for a couple of years now. We flirted and we both liked each other but I didn't consider him boyfriend material because he told me he had slept around with a lot of girls and I didn't think he wanted anything serious. We would flirt for a while and it was always sexual, I would lead him on and he would get frustrated and eventually lose contact. A month or so would pass and he would be back again trying to impress me and flirting with me again. This has gone on for at least TWO YEARS. I thought he was a player but after a while he started to open up to me, he told me he really loved a girl he was with a few years ago and he never got over her and thinks about her every day. I started to see a sensitive side to him. Recently I got out of a relationship with someone and we broke up because the guy I was with didn't want children. This guy pops up on social media again and starts talking about having babies with me, talking about me sitting on his bed with a little pregnancy belly... obviously this stirred some emotions in me and I was intrigued but he still didn't want to do more than have sex with me. A month passed since then and I started thinking about him, I realised that he has always been there in my life and that I have feelings for him. I got in touch with him and asked him if he wanted to meet up for a drink. He was very insulting and agressive towards me, he told me he didn't want another stalker (I hadn't talked to him in a month) and told me I was blocked. I am just intrigued why he would act this way? I don't understand why he would get so upset with me unless there were feelings there? Surely if he didn't care he would just be indifferent and calmly explain that he only wanted sex or something? why was he so horrible to me for wanting to give him what he wants? He said he wouldn't meet me unless I booked a hotel and gave him sex on the first date.


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  • Why do you fall for guys like him? It is clear that all he wanted was sex. You will be better off looking for someone who wants to have a long term relationship.

    But it is your life, do whatever makes you happy.


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  • wow... this guy is a hot mess. sounds like a serious Jekyll and Hyde problem, and he clearly has no respect for you if he demands sex like that. you can do better. men like that are NOT worth it.



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  • He's a player. He wanted you when he wanted you and knew you would offer the attention he wanted. Otherwise you were about as useful as a penny to him and wanted nothing to do with you.


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