Can a straight guy attract a bisexual woman?

I'm a straight guy, but I've always found bisexual women very attractive... there's just something about their personalities that I like. Most don't seem to fit traditional gender roles, which I really respect because I'm sick and tired of gender expectations of both men and women. I also really respect their sexual openness. They're not afraid to be different, be who they are. Not to mention that it's quite exciting to think about dating a women who shares my interest in women!

I'm a guy who finds all these things attractive. But I'm not sure how to approach a bisexual woman. Can any bi ladies give me some advice?
@Anonymous guy who posted the "14 year old boy" comment. Not all bi women are like that. Don't make such ignorant generalizations.
@bloodyroses13: I'm more attracted to bi girls for their personalities.


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  • As a bi girl I can tell you that the whole sexualisation of queer girls is a big turn off. So many guys find it hot that I'm bi and it's so annoying tbh. The society treats us as greedy, promiscuous sex objects. Treat bi girls like you would any other straight girl. Don't make a big thing out of it. Act like it's natural (which it is) and don't talk too much about it. And you might attract a bi woman. Good luck.

    • I'm more attracted to bi girls for their personalities.

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    • I have a question. Nothe to sound disrespectful, but do bi women generally like the same things in men that straight women do? I'm asking this because I've seen that bi women tend to think in more masculine or genderfluid ways (which I really like because I don't always fit male gender expectations).

    • Yeah I think that's true for a lot of bi girls. I'm pretty much how you described it. I'm physically a very feminine woman but I my personality and thinking is more in a genderfluid way. Most of my straight friends have that traditional thinking of how a guy should act. Which I think is bullshit. I'm more open about people not fitting into society's standarts.

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  • They're not that different from straight girls, so just approach them like you would a straight girl.

    Oh, and just so you know, do NOT assume that they'd be down for a threesome just because they're bi.


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  • I'm not bi, but women are bi for a reason, meaning that they at the end of the day can see themselves with a man or a women, it's not whats between your legs it's the type of person you are.

    • I really respect that.

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  • Yeah then she'll cheat on you with a greasy fat woman who looks like a 14 year old boy.


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