If he loves me, why would he entertain her affections?

It has been over a year since I fell in love and have been dating my boyfriend. We have been crazy about eachother since the first time I met him after talking online for several weeks. There was no inclination that he was unhappy, but he had been hiding a friendship with an intern from his work that eventually led to a dinner & ice cream date and to her catching feelings. This is all from what I have heard and learned from him and this intern. He lied for several months and then once I did some snooping I undercovered it all. He told me that he was stressed and he wasn't sure why he did it.


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  • Because as much as some women do men like the attention too. They like to know that they're liked in general, whether or not it's by their significant other, it would just depend on what his actions were. If he was hiding a friendship he could literally just had been afraid of what your reaction may be, if perchance that you'd end it over something that meant very little to nothing to him and he was just embarrassed of wanting to feed his own ego.

    • I have been back and forth with him asking why he hide it if he had nothing to hide such as infidelity, negative intentions, but it is like talking to a rock! He has no clue, or acts as if he does not have a clue to his actions.

    • It's your choice to either leave it but don't if you think your curiosity will build up and then you'll explode.

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