When guys begin to feel an intimacy with a woman? If she tells him everytime she loves him?

If a girl tells him she loves him and praises him for who he is. Does a man begin to feel getting closer to that woman for making love? A guy who never dislikes her feelings and tells her its not wrong to love. Does he feel like sleeping with her? I mean can he initiate making love with her? I dont know about guy's physical needs on a certain time.


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  • That will do the opposite actually. Men only like cold women. You give them everything they want/need, and they'll just see you as easy, seriously.

    • No. no. no. no. no. no. no. not this hard to get we must play hard to keep his attention nonsense again. Your turning a sweet girl into one of those girls that play games.

      Not all girls are like this and a guy that really cares is only going to get even more encouraged by a girl that loves him and shows him she does! If you start acting cold and distant you will hurt a caring guy and make him wonder if he should stay.

    • @sawno Yeah, naturally I'm a really giving/kind person but, all that has got me is stomped all over, walked all over and had my heart broke. Because guys don't like girls who give them what they want. They really, really don't. They just use you and take advantage, and then fall in love with a different girl who made them "work" to get what they want. I can't actually do that, but its happening repeatedly where I show interest in a guy and they got bored ASAP. I'm starting to really struggle with it actually :l

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  • While its reassuring it wouldn't make me fall deeper in love with you, nor would having sex. Sure that might increase my feelings for you but actual love is way deeper.

    What would help immensely is bonding with you on a more personal emotional level. Things like going trough a rough time, getting to know you inside out including your past and secrets, you knowing me inside out the same way , sharing an incredible moment together is all great to build a close bond.

    So what do i need out of a relationship?
    Physically i obviously need a lot of affection just like you probably do. Hugging , kissing , being together etc. Guys obviously have a sex drive so if your willing to have sex get in a pace your both comfortable with and do it as much or less as you both need. Both of you will have to make sacrefises on that part. If your not ready your guy is still going to have physical needs. So its best to allow him the relief he needs eigther by doing sexual actions you are willing to do or allowing him to masterbate and if he needs some visual stiumation your not willing to provide watch porn.

    Personally i would a girlfriend who will obviously be there for me on both a physical as an emotional level. Someone who i know true and true and who feels close to me due to a strong emotional bond. At the same time she is obviously drop dead gorgeous to me (Doesn't mean she is drop dead gorgeous to anyone else or even considered generally pretty but to me she is perfect!) and willing to share the fantasies we both have.

    Hope it helped!


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