Do I date a guy who 'looks' at other women when we are out?

Our first date was quick- I don't really feel a connection with him, but I said to myself I should wait may be. Anyways, he was holding my hand from time to time, and we talked about food, culture and stuff like that, with some moments of silence. Bug I noticed he would openly 'look out' from time to time when women pass by, and this disturbed me, though we are not officially dating.

Do you think I should drop the whole thing?


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  • No, fuck no. Very disrespectful! Don't get me wrong, guys will look. It's inevitable, but it's just plain disrespectful if he does it right in front of you. If you aren't the center of his focus in the beginning, do you think you ever will be? No!!

    And if there is no connection, just drop him. There's no need in a guy you aren't even feeling to be hurting your confidence by doing that.


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  • Did he go home with you or one of the other women? Men look at women; we are visual creatures. Did he stop listening to you? Did he lose interest in you? You are probably being too sensitive about this. Keep dating and watch how he treats you.


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  • You obviously don't like him. I think it is incredibly naive to expect a person to not look at other people just because you're with him. You don't become the only attractive person in the world.

    • You are very young and have a little experience in dating. A gentleman guy makes you the center of his attention.

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    • I can understand that I guess but checking out and gawking are different things in my opinion so I guess it depends. @Sdavis2604

    • @Sdavis2604 . I agree with you girl. I won't be obssessive if he is out with his friends- because men look anyways. But being unfocused in my presence- especially at date 1 is weird.

  • yeah i wouldn't want to be with a guy like that. he either doesn't have enough manners to know thats disrespectful, or he's just rude. a guy needs to pay all his attention on you when your together.

  • every guy does it

  • no swwet apple JUST NO.


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