How to tell if a man has kids?

How to tell if a man had kids if you are talking to a guy would he tell you that. He told me his mom's birthday.


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  • usually a guy would always mention his kids, because just like a woman, they come as a package. If the guy fails to do this and you know he does have kids, then stay clear, he's got an hidden agenda, x

    • I have to talk to him more but he told me his mom's birthday. But no kids yet... so I hope that means no kids. What could be his hidden agenda if a man don't tell if he has kids

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    • He has no kids and I got his number!

    • Great, and I hope it all goes how you expect it to, x

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  • like tumor-like creatures will be latched to his arms and legs...


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  • I don't think you can tell! You have to ask him!


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