Is my friendship with this girl? Or should I wait for her to talk to me again?

I think I damaged my friendship with a great girl. Its because I asked her to be in a relationship with me. We haven't talked since August but I have been thinking about her a lot lately and hope we can talk again.


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  • You can try talking to her again and see if you guys can be friends again... as long as you are fine with being her friend.

  • um... i think rather than you danaging it... she just doesn't want to lead you on...

    a close guy friend of mine told me he had feelings for me... i wanted to stay friends, but whenever i started being nice to him he seemed to misundertand it as a sign of me starting to be interested... i didn't want to lead him on so i decided to distance myself.

    so you can always try talking to her... but you just have to be ready to be seen as he friend only and not start interpreting her niceness into sth more


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