I have a boyfriend and we were friends for a year and he asked me out like a week ago and we talk but he hasn't even held my hand, what's wrong?

I don't really wanna break up with him cuz he's still my best friend but I want him to be my boyfriend which he is if he'd ever act like it...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Sounds like maybe he is just nervous? Has he had and girlfriend before?

    You are 25 so I'm assuming you have both had a little experience, but if not, that could be why he is nervous. He just doesn't know how to make a move probably...

    Why not help him out, or you make a move, or just tell him how you feel. I'm sure it will work out.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I had this happen to me before and what happened was that, he wanted to do all that stuff with me but he was nervous about it. If you haven't already you should initiate it and maybe he will do in the future


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  • it might just be feeling shy about the transition in your relationship. don't be afraid to set the pace and try touching his hand.

  • omg your boyfriend hasn't held your hand yet? What is life.

  • It's only been a week, transitioning from friends to more is always difficult I feel. He'll come around, don't break up because it could be terrible for your friendship, it'll get better don't worry.


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