I hurt her she hurt me confused guy dealing with a confused girl?

i been talking to this girl and basically i had asked her if she wanted to spend together she basically responded umm sure and cool i took that as not intrested basically then i was fustrated so i textd look i just want spend your bday with you and get to know you more cause she keeps sending mixd signals she responded I don't know what i want i dont' wanan settle down this and that so i just got mad and ignored her didn't respond then Friday she textd but all she said was ayy so ignored it Saturday was her birthday i just ignored didn't text her cause basically got the vibe i wasted my time so i went out with my friends had funi textd her Monday sup she was pissed she said you didn't even wish me a happy birthday i told her i did try she's all no you were all over fb snapchat she's all that really hurt
i told her well i was hurt to she said to get at her later she was soooo mad at me !!! then said before i say something i regret bye so i just left it at that what do i do now i still like her but ehh so much games she's confusing at first she was acting like girlfriend bae whatever then friend if she first acted like the way she did i would of spent it with her or wished her happy bday any help should i just wait till she contacts me why was she so mad?


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  • Coz you didn't say happy birthday duh! I'd be pissed too!

    • well i know but i did try to ask her out on her bday and she was being distant

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    • Hey, I just saw this. I'm so sorry.

    • hey whatsup

  • Talk to her


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