Why does nobody want me to be their girlfriend?

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, maybe I'm choosing the wrong guys?

im smart, attractive, funny, sporty and chilled (also give great head I've been told numerous times). Literally what I thought people would be after... Yet the guy I'm seeing is ignoring me now after seeing each other for a year he asked me what I wanted and I told him I'd love to be more but I understand that he's not on that page. And since then, we caught up once when I was really sick and haven't heard from him after that.

I dont get get what in doing wrong, I've supported him through so much let him cry to me.

anywho, I've had guys ask me out who are genuinely nice guys who make me laugh but yet I'm not attracted to them so I've let them go. Whyyyy? I need to appreciate them for the great people they are, I've lost them and probably friend zoned them sigh.

Im 21 and don't get why I'm doing this


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  • Maybe you have too high standards.


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  • Your issue is you are too stereotypical. "Smart, attractive, funny, sporty and chilled." That sounds like a character I would see in an awful sitcom.

    • Great so I have to change who I am

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    • Then thank you for your positive vibes then. So helpful.

    • Your question never specifically asked for positive vibes. Unless I am under the false impression that your comment was not sarcastic.

  • Maybe it's cause you sound a bit desperate

    • After being with someone for a year and then they stop talking to you all of sudden I feel you'd be upset too. You invested a year of your life in someone..

    • If you really want a boyfriend ask a guy out😂😊💁🏻

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