How come people harass me for refusing to date women of other races?

I get harassed a lot for this, called a racist, insensitive, stupid, and a host of other insults. People think that it is wrong of me to say "I only date white women" when that is the exact truth of the matter. It has nothing to do with me hating other races, it has everything to do with me preferring pure races. I like Asian women, and if I was an Asian man I would marry one in a heart beat, but I am not, I am a caucasian and so caucasians are the people I am interested in. I dont want to mix the beautiful races that already exist on the earth when they are so cool and unique by themselves. I will only date and marry a Western European white woman for this fact alone, I am white, so I will marry a white woman, end of story. People always get so mad at me when I say this though, some even harass me by telling me how closed minded I am. I just want to know why they care if I marry white women or not. I am pretty sure its mostly white people screaming at me for being a racist as well, its weird because if a Chinese man says "I only marry Chinese girls" no one blinks an eye, or if a black woman says "I only date black guys" no one cares, but heaven forbid a white guy says "I only date white women" and every body has a fit, whats up with this? Why do they harass me for this philosophy?


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  • That is your preference, and it shouldn't matter what other people say.

    However, I think the reason you're taking a lot of heat from people is because you delve further into specifics of WHY you only date white women. If it's your preference, then it's your preference, and all you have to do is tell people "I only date white women because that's just the type of women I'm attracted to and prefer to date. It's just my personal preference."

    However, when you add all that other stuff of pure races, not wanting to mix beautiful races, etc., that opens the door for other people to come in and tell you why mixing races is beautiful, and it opens the door to "controversial" race discussions. Race is a sensitive subject to a lot of people, so something seemingly as benign as saying you only date white women perhaps makes others feel the need to justify why other races are equally as good... which then often leads to differences of opinions and heated discussions.


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  • I know how you feel, mate... I'm white and I only date white women and I get called "racist" for it all the time and I get told to be "open to other races." Yet, most non-white women would never even date white men and do they get called "racist"? Nope.

    Yeah, people are just so sensitive and ironic. Just live your life, bro.

    • And just to clarify, my reasons is that I simply only find White women attractive. Nothing to do with resentment towards other races.

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  • Whatever floats your boat. But stop that stupid shit talk i don't want to mix the beautiful races and the whole pure race nonesense. You are virtually nobody. Whatever you do or don't won't effect anything on this planet. If you do date or not date a "pure white" person won't stop the gene pools to get mixed and mingled. So just date your pure race and don't make up shit excuses.


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  • It's racist, but be you man.

    I'm slutty and proud. Be proud man.


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