Should I be embarrassed my girlfriend beat me in volleyball?

Her and her friend dragged my roomate a d her to play volleyball at the rec centre on campus (she played all throughout middle and highschool. I've never touched a volleyball in my life and was a basketball player in HS so I have height but my roommate and I got our asses handed to us. The guys playing at the rec who know we're dating were laughing at us and it was embarrassing to say the least. She has been talking all day about it and all I can do is laugh it off and pretend it doesn't bother me (it does).


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  • Come on dude dont be so insecure, your self esteem has to be pretty low if you can't even handle losing to her in something like volleyball. You can't be good at anything so just relax and just have fun even if she beats you at some things.

    • I guess but Its still a shot at my pride lol.

    • It only hurt cause my guy friends saw it happen cause they can bring it up when we trash talk.

    • It's volleyball... Its not like she beat you in boxing or something.

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  • Volleyball takes time to master (took me three years) it's not like soccer where you already have some skills going into it, in volleyball if you don't do something the proper way it's just not gonna work. There is nothing to be embarrassed about and just have fun with it and don't mind the people who make fun

  • Nope, it would be different if she never touched a volley ball and you had that amout of experience.


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