I'm 25, my ex girlfriend is 21, we broke up 2 months ago.. I still love her & miss her?

I'm 25, my ex girlfriend is 21. 6 month relationship, we broke up 2 months ago.. i still love her & miss her but she was never really affectionate. No holding hands. Rarely makes out with me. Doesn't randomly kiss me. Etc... but she texted me back about a month ago saying... she does love me and that i should never forget that. I didn't reply because she lives 3 blocks away from me. I think if she really meant it she would show it not just text it. Right? I can't get her out of my head 24/7
We broke up because she was flirt texting a coworker of hers and snapchating an ex f*ck buddy and i caught her and she still denied all of it and SAYS im crazy? I feel lost because i still love her but i can't trust her when she lies and makes up stupid excuses... someone PLEASE HELP me im still heartbroken. When we broke up she told me she had gone to the club with her coworker guy and had future plans with him. I noticed my ex has a new Skype/google+/email and other things.
  • Let her be the one to come back to me even though she sent me a text saying she still loves me and i didn't reply
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  • Send her a text or something (comment below if yiu have an idea) saying i miss her and still love her (but i am terrified she has or will cheat on me?)
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  • Talk to her brother in law about everything and see if he can help me. He is pretty cool for the most part but he is always busy
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  • Forget her and move on (if so how do i stop loving her)
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  • Straight up call her? (But what happens if she is just playing with my emotions?) Mind games?
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For a while i used to see her driving by my house like every day after the breakup. Why would she do that? I feel like she needs every guys approvals & attention. My ex is very flirty. She was amazing in bed too. Best i ever had. But towards the end of our relationship she was being real bitchy & starting arguments out of nowhere. She seemed distant & she stopped calling me sexy/handsome/those type of things. Less love in general. I don't know wtf happened before that everything was amazing💔


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  • My question to you is: do you see yourself happy with her?

    • Thank you for responding. Yes and No honestly.
      YES - because we had loads of fun doing everything and going everywhere. Sex was amazing. Special moments
      NO - because i feel as if she hid things from me. It like lying in a way. Secret texting behind my back and wearing scandalous clothing going to a cubicle job with her coworker.

      I was happy until i started seeing red flags. But i miss what we had. I just dont want to be played. I'm just deeply in love still and terrified to get cheated on. (My past destroyed me and i dont want that to happen again)

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    • Dang that hit me hard but thank you! I needed to hear the truth. Yes i would FUKKING love to be with her and work things out BUT... i honestly don't think she will change. She is too flirty and cute/sexy. I feel as if there would always be problems. She would have to change soo much to do so and i dont want to change someone just for me. in my opinion she should change for US. But i dont know if i should make a move or not? I just don't see her changing her ways.

    • She was literally my dream girl. Everything i wanted but just too flirty for me to handle. I don't think i can deal with all the guys she talks to

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  • Just remebeer Sombody else is screwing her or has screwd her..

    • Yeah... this sh! t sucks. I would hate to think that but i have a feeling. Makes me sick. The image of some asshole swag idiot banging her :/

    • Bro i know I'm evil for saying that.. but my godfather told me that shit wen j was heart broken.. what a dick.. didn't work I still miss my x.. n will beat water swagfag she's with up the day we meet

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