My girlfriends baby daddy asked her to lunch today and this happened?

So I met up with my girlfriend to get coffee, and then out of no where she told me she was going to go lunch with someone and didn't bother to say who. So I said okay have fun becare. So later on in was asking her who she went with and she would not answer. So finally after talking about something else she said "my son's babies daddy wanted to have lunch but I didn't go". Why would she try to hide that from me. It's like idc if they discussing child support or whatever. But the fact she was trying to hide it. What should I do in this situation about trying to talk to her or if I can even trust her.


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  • Hmmmm. It is a little strange that she tried to kind of hide it.

    If she's acting fine otherwise then it may just be that it was harmless but she knew that it probably wouldn't be a good idea and had second thoughts. And was scared to tell you that she agreed to it in the first place. But if she's acting shady at all then I would keep an eye on her. Maybe sit down with her and just calmly ask her why she didn't tell you at first what the plan was.


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