Should I date an man older than me while I am in college?

Right now I am in college and dont know if I want a serious relationship, but if i really liked him i would go for it. He is 9 years older than me and eventually want something more serious when I want to go traveling and stuff for college.
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  • Sure, if you are comfortable...


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  • it's a pro or con, you can either decide to do both and hope that it doesn't pull on your heart strings, you may work and you may change your mind, or he may come with you if you want. OR you guys may not go anywhere but you will be glad that you went for it x


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  • If you're both are comfortable, I would say go for it. Explain everything you need to him and let him be open to you.
    Plus, I don't think that 9 years is a big age gap.

  • all I can do is say from experience be careful... Do what you know will make you happy and live as a college student. I will always regret cutting my years short to be with an older man. If you're on the fence then don't do it. You can't get your younger years back after they're gone.


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