17 year old girl with 27 year old guy? do you think it is worth trying?

I am a 17 year old girl and I have known this 27 year old for about a month or two. I met him at my job he seems really sweet he's never been anything but a gentleman and I really think he would be good for me. I am still underage and I can admit that I am immature at times but I have a job, I pay my own bills, bought my own car in my name with my money, graduated 2 years ahead of my high school class, and have a really good job waiting for me when I turn 18. I am still young but I take on a lot more than most kids. I only have one friend who is my age the rest are in their 20's so I am already around older people. I do like this guy but seeing how he is 27 I would like to know if anyone thinks it is worth it to see where it goes. I would also like to add that I look a lot older than 17 and that I will be 18 in April.


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  • I don't think you should go for until you're 18 for obvious reasons.


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