I am brave in all aspects of my life, except talking to girls I like?

i've finished 3 years in the israel defense forces, having served in the famous golani brigade (hence my username), and a war veteran of last summer's Israel - Gaza war and having gone on countless missions with my battallion. i've seen the enemy and my friends getting shot within 10 meters from me. i've carried bodies to safety while dodging enemy bullets.

im not afraid of skydiving, going fast in cars or on motorcycles, breaking the law, public speaking, DJing live at some of the biggest clubs in my city. even talking to random girls whom i have no special interest for. no scared about meeting new people.

i am very handsome, i'm in great shape, people say i am a great speaker and that i'm charismatic. but when it comes down to talking to the one girl i like, i get nervous and draw a blank and dont know what to say. it's been like this for as far back as i can remember. please help me figure out why this is and how to overcome it!! thank you


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  • Talk to her and be normal

    • great advice, you fucking moron

    • im almost positive you didn't even read my post either huh? dumbass

    • Pardon me? Dumbass? Says the one who blanks out when he talks to females. Watch your manners because you will get shut down by females. Dumb ass?

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