Are you scared of going fast and does it bother? I had a bit of an incident at the track with my girlfriend and was wondering if anyone can help?

I ask this because today was a good day and it was open lapping at a track and me girlfriend came with me. So i always promise her i would not go that fast (bit this is the only time i break a promise XD). I had an incident when i went too fast into a corner and i went on the grass. Me and my girlfriend were ok and i continued back onto the track and finished the session. I was going to go out myself but then when i looked at me girlfriend she was in mixed immotions. I asked if she had fun and then she was like no and then she said when i went off the track it brough up memories of when she got into an accident as a kid and i think it still bothers. She was not the same and even yelled at me on the way home and told me to go the speedlimit.

Did i do anything wrong, other than overcooking the corner and what can i do if so to fix it? Are some of you scared of going fast and what if you went 200 KPH or 124 MPH?
Any other opinions on here?


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  • Speed can be scary if you're not used it. The first time I felt the torque of a muscle car I was like "WHOA HOLY SHIT WTF!" because the fastest thing I had experienced before that only had 180 lb*ft of torque and 200 HP.

    Getting people used to speed (like getting them used to heights) is hard. It takes time and patience, and usually THEY have to be the ones in control in order to start liking it. I would think that maybe you need to start her off in something less power and more stable (S model Audis are perfect, kinda fast but feel super safe even at high speeds like they're on rails). She should be the one to drive it too. It would be hard to find a car for her to drive and to get her to drive it, but if she can learn to go fast and not feel scared, it won't be an issue any longer.

    • i told her sorry for doing so. She told me she only wants me to go 120 kph on a track lol... unfortunanlty i can't do that. She doesn't like speed so i promised her i would not drive fast when she's in the car

    • You just need to leave her behind on track days, weight reduction bro!

    • lmao true true!!!

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  • "Did i do anything wrong"

    When somebody else's well-being is in your hands, you don't go near the limits of your abilities without getting clear permission from them.
    When she got in the car with you, it was implied that you'd err on the side of caution.

    • well i mean if i went with the speed she wanted on the straights i would get passed by virtually all the cars. She said max 120KPH... while other are doing 200 KPH. I wanted her to have fun, and even the other time when i went 175 she was ok with it but still a bit scared. I think it's just when i went out on the corner

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    • You know it's a tricky corner.
      When you're by yourself, attack that corner Schumacher style.
      When you have a passenger, you baby it through areas that you aren't confident in.

    • yeah that is true haha, next time with a passenger ill be more carefull

  • I'm never scared of going fast

    unless there's a cop/speed camera near by


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