Ideas for activities to do with a guy friend?

In short, our relationship is complicated. My friends and I are quite positive that he's interested and I'm certainly interested, but no one has made a real move yet (other than hugs and stuff). So we just hang out as friends because awkward.
I wanna ask him to hang out, but I suck at coming up with ideas.
So far, all we've really done is meeting for meals and he's asked me to study with him a couple times or we've talked at a party.
I kinda wanna ask if he wants to hang out for a day and just watch movies or play videogames or something (and I'd totaly supply snacks!), but I feel like that would be weird...
Anyway, what're your guys' opinions/thoughts/experiences/etc?
Are my requests weird?


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  • Go for it! Id love a girl to
    Who asked me do i want to watch movies all day or play video games with her all day. Thats my kind of girl and the snacks are a bonus.

    • I know! It sounds like a ton of fun, everyone loves food, and we've talked about games and some movies before, but he's usually pretty busy and I'm just awkward.
      Maybe some ideas that are less extreme than this to start out?

    • If he likes you he'll find a way to spend time with you.

  • If you feel like it would be to weird asking him to hang out bring a couple of +1s or +2s (friends). It's less direct compared to exclusively inviting him to watch a movie or something.

    • Again, we've hung out alone before and it's not awkward, it's just the asking/suggesting of the activity that's awkward. I dunno. The whole situation is quite confuckulated. He gives signs that he likes me, but doesn't act on it. Long story, lol

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