I'm drawn to a girl, massive problems.. ?

I am really drawn to this woman, And I know it won't end well, and I know I can do better?
Why the fuck do people still go ahead with this kind of stuff, it's doing my head in !!


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  • How do you know it will end bad? What's the harm in pursuing her if you're drawn to her?


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  • You're not making any sense sir

    "I'm drawn to her" but " I can do better"
    If you're really that into her you wouldn't be looking down on her already

    For her sake... go do better
    Save her the bad ending

    Let her be with a guy who looks at her like she's everything

    You get better and so does she..

    • But seriously what's the big problem?
      Why's it going to end badly
      Your question is mind baffling

    • She has similar character traits to a couple ladies I dated in the past, and I have matured andI look for entirely different qualities now...
      But I am so drawn to her

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