Guys if you asked a girl to do long distance and she said no would you feel rejected?

Just wondering because he hasn't talked to me since. He kept insisting on doing long distance as we were both moving away to college for our first year and I said I didn't really want too... anyways i don't get he is becoming friends with all these girls on facebook all the sudden and I am confused.

Do you think he felt rejected and moved on?


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  • Yes of course we would feel rejected. Maybe im just biased but I've had a similar experience. I was dating this girl for a full year, and when it came time for me to go off to school, she out of the blue ended it because she didn't want to deal with the long distance. Even several months later im STILL hurt and upset about it because I truly loved her and thought we were strong enough to make it. When a guy truly falls for you, he expects the same devotion from his woman that he gives her. Not agreeing to deal with long distance is essentialy a sign that she doesn't believe your bond is strong enough to last, and nothing hits most guys harder than finding out his woman isn't devoted. I dont blame the guy for searching for other girls to make you jealous and refusing to talk to you. I would have done the same thing. Hope this helped give you another guy's point of view.

    • Should I message him after months or leave it?

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  • My boyfriend and I ran into a similar situation once I decided to transfer colleges. We said goodbye at the end of the year (he was going abroad for the summer) and kind of implied that we'd see each other around and I shot that down pretty quickly, it just didn't make sense. Fast forward to this year and I messaged him that I was in town visiting friends and I wanted to see him. He ignored me at first but things are fine now. We talked it out and he said he felt hurt and rejected by the fact I didn't want to do long distance (at first) and that's why he tried to move on. To this day he'll say that it was unfair of me to message him out of the blue, but he's glad I did. It all depends on your relationship/situation though. Just because it worked for us doesn't mean it'll be the same for you guys, but it's a similar situation to consider.


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  • Well, you technically rejected him, so yeah, I'd feel rejected and move on.

    • Well I mean I wanted to see him in December... and like keep in touch but he hasn't said a word to me since

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    • Would it weird to message him after like months?

    • I don't think so, it's not like you're mad at each other, though he may reject you this time by not replying or being cold, but it's worth the shot.

  • I'd be sad but I'd understand


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