So I'm going out with this girl and I'm a virgin?

So I have been seeing this girl, it's going great, we've gone out a couple times and we've made out. Now she talked about a guy she was seeing and how it was obvious that he was a virgin and she apparently started kind of ignoring him.

i really like her, and she likes me and basically I don't want that to be my fate. What should I do? She has never asked me if I was and I've been very confident about everything. But what do you think I should do? We are hanging out on Friday.


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  • Ok, you have two choices:
    1) Tell her that you're a virgin now. Many girls don't like virgins cause they know the sex is most likely gonna suck, so she may start ignoring you too, but maybe her feelings for you are stronger than her desire for good sex and she doesn't care about your virginity.

    2) Lie about it and try to be good on your first time, not necessarily a good performance, but at least last more than 30 seconds. You may not be the best at sex, but you can use the excuse of being the first time with her and not knowing what she likes as the reason why the sex wasn't good.
    You can't be nervous though, or she'll know.

    You gotta make a decision now.


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