Should you ever NOT tell someone you like them?

So we had sex for three months. I realized after we stopped that I like him a lot. His absence made me realize it, seeing him with another girl made me realize it. I cry when I see him dancing with other girls, it hurts. I feel like I can't get the courage to text him out of no where and tell him I want to talk.

We both stated in the beginning that we dont want relationships.

I used to think I wasn't ready or at the right point in my life. But now I realize that I am perfect and deserve a deeper connection.


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  • Get it off your chest. Go tell him how u feel and he could want the same or he doesn't. Either way u will move forward. Dont hold it in, u need to let it out.

    • so basically if i say i want to talk to him, its just for me. what he says won't matter?

    • Well kinda. I mean if u need to let something out then u goota do it and whatever the result may be at least u got something off ur chest. He might be feeling the same I don't know. The point is to not let things fester in ur mind when u can go resolve them.

  • You need to tell him how you feel. If you are lucky, he may have changed his mind too.


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