What is something crazy you have done for someone you love?

It can be funny or serious, or anything really- just so long as it was a really defining moment for you in your realization of loving this person.

For me, I have only had one love in an ex girlfriend. We dated for three years and lived together in a studio apartment (that was a sign of love in itself!)

One night, she was so drunk her friend had to have me pick her up because she could not get her to move and they got kicked out to the curb. I carried her 5 blocks back to our building, changed her into PJs and got her water, etc.

Anyway, out of nowhere she woke up and ran to the bathroom, puked a LOT, and then immediatly turned around because she had beer poops as well (diareah). Well she just said she still had to puke and needed a bucket... so I had to come into the bathroom and hold it for her while she puked and shit (somehow she undressed herself and was naked during all of this as well...)

Well after a while of this she calmed down, I carried her back to bed (put her clothes BACK on), and slept on the couch near her as I knew she would sleep better with the bed to herself.

Out of all of this, I remember best the next day when she was pretty much crying that I saw her like that, and all I did was say how much I love her and how happy I was that I was able to take care of her during the worst night ever.

So that is my story fo doing somethign extreme for someone I loved, pretty gross yet a great funny story I think lol How about everyone else?


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  • That was oddly sweet... that's love man lol

    I've only loved someone once and while we had a "thing" we never actually dated, and I never had the opportunity to do anything crazy out of love for him, except maybe put up with his shittiness too many times and giving him more chances than he deserves.

    But in the time that we spent together, I took care of him way more than I should have. I'm lazy, I hate cleaning... but I did this boys laundry and cooked for him and tended his mysterious arm rash and made him take his cough medicine and rubbed his back so he could sleep. Now looking back on it its kinda sad.

    • hahaha ya that is the reaction I get form people, but hey always add 'that can only be true love' lol

      And that is a lot! Like borderline mom role stuff!

    • I know :/ I had it bad. I think I treated him that way because he acts like a big baby.

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