Guys, Nightgown or cute pajamas?

I recently started seeing a 32 year old ( I'm 21) and I slept over last weekend. I wore some cute undies and my bra. (What I wear to bed)
anyways in gunna see him again and I like to look nice and comfortable so I was wondering if I should wear a little nightgown dress or just some cute undies and a cute pajama top? I want to look comfortable and sexy but also taken a little seriously :-)
i like my nightgowns because it looks very lady like and the undies and pajama shirt look like fun and sexy but not much else.
let me know!
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The nightgown is one cheetah one with lace around it and a thigh slit (ends right above my knee) and the other is black with white hearts on it and lace as well and it is short. When I say nightgown I mean like nightgown short dress, aka "a babydoll nightgown" :-)
Guys, Nightgown or cute pajamas?
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