Can any guys please help. He still has his tinder up after we have been dating for 2 months?

Okay. So we met on Tinder in August and have had a fantastic time together. We go out 1-2 times per week. The other day I logged onto tinder to shut my account down because I want to be exclusive with him. I saw that he is still actively on. Now I'm all confused that he's looking for someone else! We use to text a lot but recently his job is keeping him busy and so is mine. He texts me every single morning good morning beautiful. Then in the evening we exchange a few short texts. It's not as much texting as we use to. When we are together everything is perfect. He tells me he misses me when we are apart and how much he likes me. We had a lovely movie night at his house with his parents and his parents call me his girlfriend. We go out with his friends all the time. Things are great for the most part. My question is am I overthinking him being on tinder? I got out of a bad relationship a few months ago and I'm constantly paranoid about little things like this. If he doesn't text me back, he replies 3-4 hours later and he tries to defend himself with reasons why. I was in a long distance relationship prior to him and we texted 24/7. So is it the norm to only text a few times a day. If he didn't like me why would he text me every morning good morning beautiful and at night time sometimes good night beautiful. Am I just overthinking like a typical girl?


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  • In my opinion, you should talk to him about it. Just ask him why he still has it. Take his answer and make a decision sooner rather than later about if you can be with someone who still has a Tinder account because it will always be in the back of your mind.


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