Is Bipolar effecting your love life?

I was diagnosed with bipolar depressing 7 years ago. It can be an extremely hard thing to deal with. It causes me to over think and at times sabotage good relationships.
I've recently met a nice guy and im trying with all my might not to fall into old habits. I really like him but im afraid my racing thoughts are going to chase him away. I dont want him to see the "crazy me" lol. Its hard not being "normal".
When i see him sometimes i try to act like i wasn't depressed and sleeping all day. But he brings me so much joy. Its like he gives me a break from myself. A piece of mind. And im so afraid to lose that. Im constantly thinking " he's going to leave you" " he can't really love you". I know that deep down i truly have so much to offer once i exscape this cloud... Im just seeking support. This isn't an easy issue to deal with, not feeling in control of your emotions sucks ass. Im not sure if any one can help me. But your opinions are needed. I don't want to be alone sitting in a rocking chair surrounded by cats


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  • "It's like he gives me a break from myself"
    That's exactly how I felt when I started dating my current boyfriend. the main thing is to try and talk about what you go through and how you feel because I know with my boyfriend the thing that frustrates him the most isn't my mood swings or crying, it's when I won't let him know what I'm thinking or how I'm feeling. And once I started opening up about my bipolar and depression and anxiety I felt amazing because he was so supportive and he's always here for me when I need to talk or he sits with me when I just don't want to be alone.


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  • I am not Bipolar so I would have no idea


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  • I'm not sure I know however my so ex who has bipolar is even affecting our life and it's so overwhelming. I'm trying to understand what a day is like with it. She won't notice why she's freaking out till after then constantly apologizes and blames herself.

    I know you're the only one that can help it, but its easier to help others who want to help themselves so i applaud you. Keep your chin up, you're in a great place and can potentially fall inlove it's a beautiful thing but don't let it consume you x


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