How much can men be shorter than their girlfriends at most without looking weird?

Girls would you date shorter men, if not why?


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  • No more than two inches shorter than me.

    • So you still find men 2" shorter sexually attractive?

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  • First, why would you care if you look weird? What happens if you look weird? What, are people going to make some stupid comments? If they do, spit in there faces and tell them to buzz off. If they're stupid enough to fight you, show them the meaning of pain.

    Stop caring.

    • I care bro, I care about my image in front of public. People don't necessarily have to agree with me, but yeah it's the way it is. How's your LL plan?

    • I've leaning against it.

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  • Hoesntly, then i'd only date a guy if he was taller than me, i get uncomfortable when they're not

    • how tall r u?

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    • No, I just think it's stupid.

    • @TheSpartan Well it's my opinion and that's just one out of however many girls that are in the world, so don't be bothered by it

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