Is he looking for a hook up or more?

So I kinda dated this guy, then he told me he couldn't continue because we didn't have the same religion. I said I'd be okay to be friends, but he keeps flirting: play fights, makes sexual comments then says he's "just joking", buying me dinner, telling me how I must have all the guys after me and how much I have going for me. We got coffee and then he stayed at my house for 6 hours talking.

Is he looking for a hookup or is he thinking of more? He did tell me he's thought about dating outside of this church. If you think it's hookup, since I don't want how can I tell him I'm not interested in that without being weird.
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  • Seems like he's just being friendly. If he doesn't want to date you for religious reasons then I doubt he'd be ok with just hooking up.

    • He told me he hooked up with his ex a few times, so I don't really know he'd be that against it. The flirting seems more than friendly, like its constant comments about sex and seeing me naked and what not

    • But it was his ex so their religions were probably the same, yeah? Also hooking up with someone you've been with previously is different than hooking up with someone new you've never been serious with, and don't intend on being serious with. Could be that he's just teasing without wanting more.

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