Guys, "Maybe see you another night x" he interested in me or not?

I met this guy a month ago a he was asking for my number to my friend (guy). Last week I saw him (wednesday out with a lot friends) and he didn't pay attention to me at all.. So I ended up with his friend that night. On Friday night I saw him again in my friends place and he kissed me.. Then we kissed and cuddled in the bedroom (with all his friends out there..).
He got my number and texted me, he's a really nice guy, but i asked him to go to bonfire night together and he told me he had plans and "maybe see you another night x".
I'm confused now.. He really seemed to like me and now he doesn't even text. We stopped talking after me replying: yeah sure, see you x (yesterday evening).

I need some guys opinion!


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  • its been a day. He is interested.

    • text him..

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    • so you should take initiative and text him. Why people think men need to all the leg work? Text him

    • True.. I will text him

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