Ptsd or just sadness?

I have scoliosis, at an early age i had to go through several treatments and at the age of 12 it went wrong and bad, i had to go through a bad treatment, i had to wear a heavy back brace, day and night, it was very dehumanizing and very hard, from being an active confident kid to having trouble bending to pick up a pen and having scars, skin falling apart,, i had no social life and became depressed, i never got over it, it took 5 years that treatment and when it was over... i became severly depressed, it all came back at once, i would have nightmares of doctros telling me i have to have surgery, never wanted to go to a hospital, life became meaningless, i never talked about it to anyone and still refuse to talk about it, the physical was hard but the emotional scarred me. Im 23 and very beautiful, the doctors would even say so, but i never had a boyfriend, i have trouble making a life for myself, i have trouble trusting people and whenever somethings goes wrong in my life i go back to that period. Is this PTSD?


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  • PTSD is a very serious thing, typically affecting those who have been the victims of violent crimes or exposed to war. I'm sorry for what you went through, but I'm not sure it is really ptsd or just severe depression


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