She's being distant, should I ask her whats going on?

I've been involved with this girl for quite some time (about a year) is being really distant out of nowhere. To give you a back story, before we became romantically involved with one another, we were friends for a very long time (more than 15 years). We're now both in our 20's and we've always liked each other and finally last year, I asked her out on a date. She agreed and was happy I asked her out. We agreed to go slow and went out on a lot of dates before we really got physical with each other.

When we did, it was amazing, the sex was incredible and every time we were alone, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. She said to me that she loves me first (this was about 6 months into us dating) and I later confessed as well. Everything was going well over the summer, and when school started, we understandbily spent less time with each other as we're busy with studies. She started to work again and it became difficult for us to find time to hang out, but I've always been supportive of her. Mid October, I took her out to a concert and we had a great time. She kept telling me that we have amazing chemistry together and we had sex that night again.

Since then however, she's been distant. Normally we don't text each other every single day, about every 2-3 days, and we both initiate conversation. But since our last date, It feels like she's avoiding me. Now she either takes in excess of 5 hours to reply to me or she doens't answer at all. I haven't mentioned the distance to her or how it's making me feel. It's been about 2 weeks of this distant behavior and I dunno how I should respond. We're supposed to go out on a date tomorrow night but she hasn't mentioned it. I assume we're still set, but I don't know if I should text her today to ask her about it, or if I should wait and see if she flakes on me last second. I never had any suspicions towards her about seeing other people, but I dunno now. Should I confront her? I really like her, what should I do?
So she still hasn't answered me since I texted her that day. She has also deleted her facebook and instagram account and has just completely vanished. I'm pretty sure she just dumped me :( I feel so horrible.


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  • If she has noticeably changed her behaviour, it's ok to ask her if everything's ok. I think it's better if you guys talk about it in person. Yeah, maybe you can text her to confirm that the date you guys are having tomorrow is still up.

    • So I texted her last night asking if we were still set for tomorrow night and she didn't answer at all. About 6 hours after I texted her asking her about it, I said that I don't appreciate the way she's acting. I said that if you're dealing with something, I'd be happy to give you the space you need, but the cold shoulder is unacceptable. I'm upset that I spent a year of my time with her for her to just shut me out for no reason. I'm just gonna carry on till she contacts me again. If she doesn't, then I guess I'll move on.

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    • Thank you for that. I also meant to up vote your first comment! I'm new here and did a down vote by accident :(

    • haha it's ok :)
      and welcome to G@G!

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  • Tell her you are excited to see her tomorrow and even if its not your fault, apologize for "being busy here recently". How she responds to that message should give you a clue.


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  • i think that communication is important... you guys need to have a conversation together


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