Am I in the wrong? what do you think?

•This guy invited me out for some drinks tomorrow a week ago, Anyways I've a lot on my plate and he came in asking me "Hi Ciara what's wrong" as I updated my status "feeling down"

i now changed my mind about going out with him as it feels weird and needy that he's asking me on Facebook what's wrong, I don't know should I just ignore him? We didn't arrange a time.


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  • ... so he's being nice to you... and he's needy?

    Noted: treat women like fucking shit if you want them to like you. Got it.


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  • I'm confused it looks like you're saying he seems weird and needy when it's you attention seeking and he asked what's wrong? As any concerned person would? Or are you worried he sees you're needy now? But surely you knew he'd see it and wonder?


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  • I think that's a good sign he asked what's wrong... it shows that he actually cares about you and how you're feeling which is extremely important in any relationship


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