Any luck with online dating?

What's going on folks? Was curious if online dating like POF is actually worth the time or meeting people in real life is a better bet. Majority of the time I am a pretty shy dude, but I have had no luck with this whatsoever. So I thought meeting people on campus would be better especially if I want to improve my social skills. Thanks!


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  • Many tries in several websites and currently trying POF. Its a waste of time. At least if we're talking about Europe. Women create accounts and don't even use them. They don't even bother to tell you 'no Im not interested'

    • Yeah exactly, I thought it would help me with social skills but not as much as I hoped. And not mention, there is no real way to see if you two even have chemistry.

    • The only thing I got from online dating is 3 dates with different girls. Thats all.

    • Shit, thats better than myself. Only got numbers, and that has been about it

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