Why did he text his ex girlfriend?

after we have been dating for 4 months. He wished her a nice graduation and said that she did not have to answer that message. was he still in love with her?

he said it was to have the last word and to show that he was polite. I got really upset.

what do you think it was on his mind?


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  • Personally, i can't see why anyone would stay in touch with an ex. Unless they have children together.

    Messaging an ex when a guy has a girlfriend is very disrespectful towards her. Plus, it's encouraging the ex to stay in touch too, and giving mixed signals.

    If two people who have had a history together remain in touch... it's either because they were never in love or still are.

    That would be a dealbreaker for me, not due to insecurities, but i have boundaries and i won't allow anyone to go beyond them.

    Contacting her is evidence she is on his mind.

    • I agree is totally disrespectful and I have told him... To him is nothing. To me it means that I really do not wanna be in a relationship were this things can happen

    • Relationships should make you feel emotionally safe. If is contacting an ex when he is aware that it upsets you then he is not considering your feelings at all. His ex is part of his past, but his present is with you. So he should concentrate on the relationship he has with you instead of feeling he has to be polite to an ex.

      If he continues contact with her i would certainly have second thoughts about his intentions. He obviously still has feelings towards her if he feels the need to initiate contact. Why be someones other when you can be someone elses only. Don't reserve a place in your heart for him until you know it's safe with

      I would never disrespect a boyfriend by keeping in contact with an ex. It is totally unacceptable and unhealthy for any relationship. 💚

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  • Honestly there's no reason to, ex's are ex's for a reason and he just went out of his way to send that. Maybe he was thinking about her? Doesn't mean in a romantic way but still.

  • Though he's with you he probably just wanted to be nice. Graduating is a big deal. Don't think too much into it.


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