Do guys ask for hugs as a means to feel a girls boobs?

I've got out of a 4 year LTR about a year ago, and I finally feel ready to go on an actual date. Yesterday I went out to a bar with this guy I met online and he said that he would like to go out again. When he brought me back home he got out of the car and gave me a REALLY long hug to say goodbye and then we chatted awkwardly for a few seconds before he said he wanted to give me one more hug. As flattering as it is to think he likes me so much that he needed to hug me a bunch, I can't help but also think that he maybe was just trying to press up against my boobs... Is that just me being jaded? Haha. The length of the hug felt like it was at least 30 seconds, which seemed a big much for someone you never met..


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  • Haha maybe, then again he may have just really enjoyed your date ;)

  • Sounds like a clinger to me...


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