Girls, Young ladies, why the issue with Adam Levine shaving his head? Is bald really that hated?

I'm actually kinda hurt, I've shaved my head for a couple years now (I have to from shock loss) and I'm only 20, I figured yeah it wouldn't be a preferance but never figured I'd be at a disadvantage in terms of getting attractive girls since I pull it off decently, so when I heard Adam shsved his head I looked it up on Twitter and see nothing but he's ugly or old etc, bald really looks bad yatayata, so girls does it really hurt a guys looks?
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  • No, even bald a guy can be good looking like Adam
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Wow girls so much for being the less looks oriented sex


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  • i haven't seen it but i haven't found a bald/short-haired man attractive yet

    • What's the need for hair? I don't get it really, I myself hold high standards on a girls looks -must be skinny great face etc, so I'm not saying looks don't matter but I've never cared about a girls hair one way or another it's an accesory

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    • Alright, I thank for your help even if we don't fully understand each other

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  • Ehh, I mean, for me, not having hair is probably the biggest turn off there is, so yeah, it's a big issue for me. The boyfriend's hair goes down to about the small of his back so obviously I just really like hair. Good hair is kinda my thing, and I do think he's much less attractive now. Not having hair does hurt a guy's looks, to me personally, though there are tooooonnes of women who don't feel the same way.

    • You think most young women hate it though?

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    • I get hair being first choice but I mean do you think it'd stop a girl from thinking a guy is attractive otherwise or not dating a guy who looked good besides the bald head? Basically is it a total dealbreaker would you say? I still look decent with no hair face wise and get compliments so i want to know if it's a against preferance or dealbreajer to most? (I know you can't speak for all girls but you have a better insight than I)

    • I think it depends on a lot of things, though, overall, I wouldn't say it was a dealbreaker for most girls. If you can pull off being bald and you're a nice guy who treats her well, chances are she's not going to care. It might not be her ideal thing, but then again who ever actually gets the perfect person? They don't exist and most people are going to make allowances. Hell, there's a lot of girls who actually prefer bald guys, so there's definitely someone out there :)

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