What does it mean when he does this?

I have a friend, we used to be really close last year. This year, we barely talk anymore. At lunch time, I would always go to my guy friend's table and talk to him, HE gets mad and say "GET AWAY FROM MY WOMAN" and tell me to not talk to this guy. When I get any where NEAR my guy friend's table he would distract me and finally say hi for once. I need to know if he's just doing this to show off or he's still my friend or not. Any advice?


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  • He likes you and is overly protective about the fact that he likes you. He doesn't like sharing- so he openly defends his interest (Aka- You)

    In the future- just put two and two together. He is saying "Get away from my woman!" to these other guys, and then trying to start a conversation with you. His actions show clearly that he is interested in pursueing you OR that he feels there is a form of other possible threats from these "other guys".

    Possible threats described:

    - They are known players, as your friend he doesn't want you to get hurt

    - They have a known rapport for hurting women physically, so he protects you

    - He likes you and doesn't want other men taking that opportunity away

    - He feels like they aren't as sincere as he is, about dating you


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  • i personally might think he likes you but he's drifted away from you. if he doesn't want any other guy to talk to you or anything, he might like you or miss being your friend.

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