What is wrong with her? Do you think she's doing it on purposes to get out of our drinks tomorrow?

I asked this girl out for a few drinks last week and she said tomorrow.
I seen her Facebook Status today saying she feels down so I went in to talk to her saying:

ME: Hi Ciara, What's wrong?
HER: Ah don't worry about it
ME: Is there anything I can do to help?
HER: I'll be fine thanks.
ME: Aww... would you like to go for a drink or get something to eat?
HER: Ah thanks for the offer but its alright in me jammys
ME: Hope you feel better
HER: Thanks :)

Do you think she doesn't want to meet up for drinks tomorrow now?
What do you think?
Any Advice?
Thank you.


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  • only time will tell. guess you'll find out when she does or doesn't cancel drink on ya


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