Girls, how can I get a second date?

So I have been single for a half a year and have gone on a lot of dates with different girls, I am not a player by any means I just want to see my optons amd try the dating thing. Through all of those dates there was a certain girl though that caught my attention really easily... maybe the only one actually.

She is exactly my type: smart, funny, no bullshit mentality, absolutely gorgeous, and someone that I can say that I'd like to try something with her in a serious manner. We went on one date and everything was really awesome with it, she kept saying that I had to go do different activities with her like see our favorite sport together and all the basic couple things together... and we had a very passionate goodnight kiss together. Everything went off without a hitch and she later on would text me saying she absolutely wanted to go on a second date. But she kept getting busy with work and school and would have to raincheck the second date. And then slowly stop talking to me.

She really caught my eye and I feel like I did to her as well especially since she hasn't deleted me off any social media app and looks at my snapchat stories daily. So I would like to try to get something going again. On 11/10 it will be 2 weeks after I texted her last with no response and I would love to hear any advice to see what my best way would be to get a second date with her. Do you ladies have any advice?


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  • Talk to her


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