So any advice on someone ho is a bit lost in the game called "dating"?

so i have always wanted it, but right now i really want it.

I was watching this tv-show where people were paired up based on some series of tests that termined that they where the "perfect match", then they would get married without even meeting in person first and then they are supose to live togheter for 5 weeks or something.

So the shows about their eberyday life, problems, ups an downs etc.. And in this episode one of the couples were cuddeled up in the sofa with a glass of wine and joking around.. They looked very happy...

I want that.. but i can't seem to find anyone.. and i dont knwo where to start.. im willing work for it, i just need the right person who has patient basically..

So any advice on someone ho is a bit lost in the game called "dating"?


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  • I recently started dating this girl and things have been going very very well and when I've first told my friends about her they always say "it always happens when you least expect it", that's completely wrong. Saying it happens when you least expect it implies that you're not putting any effort into finding a partner. So the number one thing is work at finding someone, it should be a goal you set and you should do everything you can to achieve it. Go out with any person you find attractive and think she/he might be interested in you. Make yourself available and set yourself up for opportunities for the right person to come into your life. That means go out as often as possible, socialise as much as possible, meet as many new people as possible, and join dating sites as well. When you do start dating just remember the most important thing, HAVE FUN! Seriously, people forget that dating is supposed to be fun and they make it into this big serious thing which makes it really nerve-racking, relax and aim to have fun, not to get the other person to like you. If you're having fun and are just being yourself the right person WILL like you, it should almost feel effortless when you find a good match.

    • those are great advice! bur for me being soscial outside volunteer work and school is very difficult since i haven't really been able to make any close friends i cango to different events to, or just even have a drink togheter with.. I have soncidered using a dating app.. again.. but i dont know.. one part of me thinks that i shouldt give up just because i haven't had any luck on it, and other part of me is kinda done with it

    • See if you open your heart to love, love will come rushing in and it sounds like you haven't done that yet or you just haven't been ready for it yet. Right before I met the girl I'm currently seeing, I would go out to socialize at least once a week, most of the time 2-3 times and go on as many dates as possible from the countless of girls I asked out. I would constantly be looking around for a potential partner and would consider every girl I met. It really sounds like you've put no effort in it yet even if you think you have. It's VERY rare for it to just happen like how you're expecting it to, it's not going to just fall into your lap, you really need to open your eyes. If you're not going to places because you don't have any close friends then concentrate on making close friends first, take it one step at a time. Ask yourself, would you date you? I know when I wasn't getting any dates I would have said no if I was beeing 100% honest with myself and now I would say hell yes I would.

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