Why is it that I can't get the guys I like?

I consider myself to be a very social and very outgoing introvert. I have a lot of interests and hobbies and am working towards getting into med school. I have enough spunk to make people laugh and smile and can get intellectual enough to intrigue others. I have an equal amount of guy and girl friends though I usually travel by myself when it comes to going to events. I have gotten very close to a number of guys over the years. When I confess that I like them, they confess back and things are good and happy for a while. Then they realize that there's that other girl they liked. And then they go for her and leave me in the dust. This happened several times now. They tell me that I'm perfect, am their type of girl, and don't deserve me, but never continue pursuing and are perfectly happy with the other one. What's going on? Do I have something that flips a switch inside them that reminds them of that other girl in their life? Or do I have a taste for guys who have other predominant love interests?


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  • The same reason I can't get the women I like; our standards at too high and if we want a partner we'll probably have to make compromises and settle (how depressing).


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